Loader Assist is a combined underground positioning, navigation, mapping and safety solution for LHD.

Loader Assist is a package of robust radar and transponder technology. It offers access control, reliable LHD collision avoidance, crusher activation control and machine data capturing for post-production process analysis. Loader Assist is a versatile solution package to make the LHD operation environment safer, more controllable and more productive. It also helps saving energy with optimized crusher activity circles – run crushers only when LHD approaches with material.

Key Features

Tunnel Scanning

iSDR radar sensors scan the tunnel walls during the LHD movement. As the LHD position is known (iRTT postioning, dead reckoning) a detailed picture of the mine is created and updated whenever the LHD moves.

Radar Localization

Collision Avoidance

iRTT antenna units are installed all around the LHD to cover blind spots in any direction. In movement, these detect any kind tagged vehicle, infrastructure and – of course – personnel in a perimeter of 150m around the LHD

Lane Keeping Assistance

Key Benefits

  • Reliable Collision Avoidance for machines, personnel and infrastructure
  • Mine Access Control – Personnel tagging and tracking within the mine
  • Crusher energy saver
  • Robust technology with long battery life (5 years, 6 months for helmet tags)
  • Long ranges >150 meters, also around corners (approximately 50 meters) underground
  • We share: open interfaces to any kind of existing software packages
  • Ability to transfer data packages in partially disconnected mesh networks
  • OEM independent technology that connects all vehicles and personnel within the mine
  • Low initial investment and low operational costs