Combined anti-collision and face-control solution for shovels

Shovel Assist is a combined positioning, navigation, anti-collision, mapping and safety solution for shovels based on robust indurad radar hardware and software.

Shovel Assist is a comprehensive solution package for collision avoidance, remote control and semi-automation of large mining shovels. Shovel Assist is based on a multi-sensor concept that makes shovel operation safer, easier to handle and generates insightful process data for the IPCC control system. The system has been specifically developed for use in difficult environmental conditions. All components on the machines have a redundant layout (hot spares) to keep the system fully operational in the case of damage.

Key Features

  • Machine-to-machine positioning
  • Spotting Assist
  • Collision avoidance
  • Swing Assistance
  • Face Scan
  • Load Scan
  • Machine monitoring
  • Tele-remote Control

Key Benefits

  • Protection for shovels, trucks and sizing rig investments
  • Faster loading cycle times
  • 3D face scan, dump point position detection
  • Faster, safer and more precise process with shovel dump support, truck parking assistance and other operator assistance features
  • Digitalization of shovel operation and material flow for improved process insights from operators to management level (face scan, face distance)